How much time do you spend each week cleaning your home? More than likely you have increased the frequency and the thoroughness of your cleanings over the past couple of months, and that is definitely the wise course to take. The coronavirus can spread easily from a commonly touched area to your hands, your face, and then inside your body.

Anything that you touch every day should also be cleaned with a disinfectant every day, especially after you have made a trip outside the home or touched anything that got delivered to you.

By mixing ⅓ cup bleach in a gallon of water, you create a solution that can effectively kill the virus on a surface. When you use it, you should wear gloves both to protect your skin from the solution and to avoid getting contaminated while cleaning up.

Some might feel that taking all these precautions is overkill, but the virus can be deadly and has proven to be so all over the country despite the US having a fairly advanced health care system in place.

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