Have you ever had problems with your P-Trap? You know that pipe that you have under your sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. While it is a very simple design, there are still some issues that could pop up with your p-trap leading to issues with water flow through it, or having smelly sewer gas escaping into your home. Sewer gas can be harmful to your health, so keeping it out of your home is very important.

The water in the p-trap is meant to keep sewer gas out, but what can happen if you have a p-trap that is seldom used or one that is installed incorrectly, is that the water sitting in the pipe doesn’t give a complete seal against the sewer gas.

If the water in the p-trap has evaporated because of the sink not being used often, you might want to install a tap primer that will add water to it automatically when it goes below a certain level.

If the p-trap is installed incorrectly, the only solution might be to have it fixed by a qualified plumber.

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