Have you ever been in a home that doesn’t have enough windows? You automatically feel claustrophobic and shut in, don’t you? While windows add a lot to a home, they also add a danger for families with children. A fall out of a window can be lethal, and many times young children might not be aware of the danger this presents. It is also possible that children that aren’t so young could end up playing and not noticing the danger until they trip and fall out an open window. So what can you do to prevent this from happening? The first step is to never leave your child alone with an open window. Even if you think that when turning your back for a minute, your child won’t have time to get into danger, it is amazing how fast they can move when they are on a mission. Having a sturdy bug screen can stop a child, but they are not designed to hold the weight of a child, so it is not a good failsafe.

If it is possible to open only the top part of your windows, this could be a good way to keep children from being able to reach the open window while still getting fresh air.

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