Doors inside your home swing on their hinges day in and day out. Do you think there is any wear and tear? While a door might swing very easily when you open it, there is a lot of force involved. Just think of the weight of a solid door. It can be quite heavy, and a poorly installed door will quickly make itself apparent. A good door installation starts with a good door-frame. If your door isn’t installed in a plumb, straight door-frame, then you can’t expect it to last a long time. There should be screws of sufficient length attaching the door to that frame. If it is not installed correctly, over time it can start swinging at an angle, and then you’re dealing with a door that won’t stay open when you want it to. In some cases, it even gets so bad that the door starts scratching up the floor.

Cutting a door to size is not an easy matter either. While some door-frames are standard size, there are some cases in which the door needs to be cut to size to fit. You can’t undo a poor cut, so it needs to be done right the first time.

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