You might think that a plunger is one of the easiest tools to use, but in reality, there are many common mistakes when using a plunger that could make it ineffective, useless or even dangerous. Let us consider how you should use a plunger, and some things that many do wrong.

First, you should be careful that the water level in the toilet is just right. This can be tricky to achieve when you have a bad plug. It might be necessary to scoop out some water to make sure that you don’t splash contaminated water on your floor when plunging. If there isn’t enough water to cover the cap of the plunger completely, you will need to add extra water instead.

If you have tried using chemicals to clear up the clog, you should not plunge! The drain chemical could splash back in your face, and many of those strong chemicals will damage your skin or anything else that is exposed.

After you have made sure that you can plunge without making a mess, ensure you have a good seal between the cap and the toilet and start plunging with slow rhythmic motions. Most clogs will start moving fairly quickly.

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